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BMS, which provides the best quality and reliable lift platforms with the best quality facade and freight elevators in Turkey, provides the best service to all elevator users with its experienced staff who work with the highest level of technical expertise and with the aim of providing the best installation and service with years of experience, has made it the principle of establishing the most reliable elevators. BMS is the authorized dealer in Turkey of Scanclimber, Kangbo, GJJ and Geda brands that are known for their experience, expertise and quality products at the highest level in order to provide optimum solution to customer needs.

Employees are experiencing significant performance losses during the day due to the vertical mobility they perform between the floors, if necessary, outside the building. Facade elevators increase operating performance and reduce construction costs with economical price, short-term installation and practical use. The ability to get to the required height from outside the building without using ropes can be done in a short time by means of compatible columns. There is a high-safety braking system that automatically engages in case of gear rupture or breakage, service brake for high security, automatic parachute brake, safety and limit switch systems. Exterior elevators have a wide product range from 1200 kg to 3200 kg capacity. Designed to work in the vertical plane, this series is driven by electric motors mounted in or on the cab.
Cargo lifts are a type of elevator that is usually used to transport a cargo on private grounds. It is often used in places where transportation is intensive, such as factories, warehouses, shopping malls, car parks. In such elevators, the cargo carrying capacity of the elevator is very important from the comfort and speed. Therefore, pulley systems are used to increase the load capacity. It can be produced in various capacities from 500 kg to 10,000 kg.

The cargo and façade lifts sold by BMS are used for both cargo and human transportation depending on the needs and desires of the customers. However, to ensure safety, the cargo elevator can be used for human transport under certain conditions. Particularly, the speed of the load elevator needs to be adjusted in accordance with the human transport system. Special protective systems are available for load and elevator lifts. Roof-protected open cabin and carrying platforms provide special support when doing business with customers. Furthermore, thanks to the limit switches on these elevators, the elevator does not move unless the doors are closed. This is also a high security feature that is protective.

In all elevator products that BMS sells, both quality and safety keep the front plan. For this reason, all elevator systems have emergency stop buttons and an audible warning system which provide high protection and safety. Customer safety is always on the frontline for BMS.